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allan dyer

Allan Dyer


Association of Anti Virus Asia Researchers (AVAR)

Welcome to the 18th Association of anti Virus Asia Researchers International Conference 2015 in Danang, Vietnam, the largest Asia Pacific conference on anti malware. The AVAR Conference has been held around the region, from Korea to Australia to India, but this will be the first time in Vietnam.

AVAR is a non-profit organization whose primary objective is to prevent the spread of and the damage caused by malicious code. AVAR now comprises members from 17 territories, from the Asia pacific and around the world.

We are facing an ever-changing and growing threat from malware, but our capability to protect and respond is also growing. I believe that the international and inter-organisational exchange and cooperation at the AVAR conferences through the years have made a significant contribution to those defences. I am sure that our 18th conference will continue that tradition.

AVAR is not just a conference for virus researchers, it is also particularly relevant to the business and technical needs of corporate IT professionals, students, educators, law enforcement, legislators and all those whose objectives are to ensure safe and secure computing and the security of the internet. I hope you can join us and benefit from this conference.

I hope all speakers and delegates have meaningful and wonderful time at the conference, and also enjoy their stay in the historic and fast-changing city of Danang.